Gellért Oláh is member of the SHARE Kolozsvár Federation’s staff responsible for the organisation of Kolozsvár 2015 European Youth Capital. He shares his experiences and speaks both of the feedbacks and the cooperation between Hungarian and Romanian organisers.

keywords: youth capital; civil initiative

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Organizing the first Paralympics in Cluj Napoca for children and youth with disabilities and special educational needs was a significant moment of a 20-year-long inclusion process. Certainly, our society still needs to learn from this event: primarily solidarity, but also coping strategies and flexibility.

Keywords: paralympics; with disabilities; sport;

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The author focuses on the social and spatial effects of the 2012 London Olympics. She argues that the resulting positive effects are the outcome of the planning policy with some possible negative consequences. For example the poor population of East London now become highly exposed to risk due to the structural changes of the real estate market and the rapid gentrification process.

KeywordsOlympics; Olympic Park; East London; gentrification; urban space; social change; urban renewal; planning

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This is an unconventional article. It does not fit into any types of theoretical and empirical papers of the review, or into any category of policy papers. It is a kind of outline of a presentation focused on youth. The first element of the paper structure constitutes in a short notion clarification of youth. The second part summarizes recent (from 2012–2014) empirical results of European, Romanian, Transylvanian surveys and studies from Seklerland, which concentrates on migration and NEETs (15–24 years old people who are not in employment, education or training). After presenting the research data policy approaches about youth’ unemployment and different measures will be sketched that were implemented on the level of European Union, on national and county level to remedy the mentioned main problems. Finally the last part concludes next steps based on research results, policy analyzes and field experiences in order to promote integration of youth in their home society.

Keywords: youth; future plans; emigration; unemployment

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The mediated professional soccer is a special economic domain. All those actors directly connected with the inner practice of the game – footballer, coaches or physiotherapists – have estimated market values. That’s why a large number of experts and organizations concern themselves with the appraisal of the aforementioned value. In the present study we are going to summarize the special literature concerning the football transfer market in order to develop an explicative model to estimate the transfer value which takes into account numerous social factors too besides the economic element which are in play in the variation of market values of football players.

Keywords: football; transfer market; migration; market value; explicative model; social factors; Romania

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