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The aim of the current research is to examine how female entrepreneurs get access to social capital, how it is built, and how it is used at different stages of entrepreneurial processes. I wonder what kind of experience women entrepreneurs possess in networking and what role these social networks play in their effectiveness. Therefore, my research question is twofold: on the one hand, I want to explore the role whether social capital plays an important role in the activities of women entrepreneurs, and on the other hand, I want to examine the interpretations of the women entrepreneurs involved.

The relevance of the planned study is given by the fact that less attention has been paid to the above-mentioned issue in the research of women entrepreneurs, not only in international aspects but also in domestic aspects such as in Transylvania. Furthermore, previous research has been mostly examined by using quantitative methods, so the novelty of the topic is also given by the methodological approach. The cross-sectional and analytical unit of my study will focus on women entrepreneurs. The basic population of the research is Hungarian entrepreneurial women operating in Transylvania, and I see my research questions as answerable above all by using an interview method. The research is based on 16 interviews, which give me the opportunity to directly get access the values, motivations and stories of the subjects, which are the core of my study.

By mapping and understanding these issues can help various entrepreneurship programs and initiatives provide more targeted support to women considering to launch a business.

Keywords: social capital, women entrepreneur, entrepreneurial success, doing gender

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