The aim of this study is to outline the foundations of a habitus theory that is capable of capturing plural and transforming dispositions. First, I will summarize the main elements of what I call the unified habitus theory of Pierre Bourdieu; then, by intending to make the key propositions of the original theory understandable, I use the examples of sense of the game and musical sense. Third, by offering some other examples, I demonstrate that according to Bourdieu the process of acquiring the habitus is essentially unproblematic. In the next two subchapters, I will try to prove that some of the ageing Bourdieu’s works contain, in germinal terms, ideas on the basis of which the principles of a differentiated habitus concept might be outlined. Finally, I intend to point out some of the shortcomings and contradictions of Bourdieu’s argument.

Keywords: Bourdieu, habitus theory, dispositions, transformation

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