This presentation is a kind of research report of a project run on behalf of the Ministry of Culture in Hungary. The financer was interested in a statistical data base regarding those institutes which concern Hungarian minorities’ cultural activity abroad Hungary.

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The study deals with the relationship between social status variables and chances of gaining entry in high schools. The particular community the researcher and author focus on is the Hungarian community in Romania. The core result of his analysis is that the origin status is a better predictor of inequalities already in elementary school, than in the case of middle education institutes.

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Using the tools of statistical analysis, the author investigates the tendencies of fertility of Romania’s population, especially among the Hungarians in Romania, and its determinants. The main conclusion of his analysis is that the regional differences is the key independent variable of fertility variations, and the ethnic-cultural patterns are only secondary. The analyses were necessary as one could believe that etno-cultural differences influence fertility.

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The authors of this demographic paper have observed for several years that among the youth, rural population tend to become a majority. In their study they try to provide pieces of statistical and mathematical evidences of their discoveries, as the newest census data (those of 2002) is available by now.

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On the basis of empirical data, the author argues that there are different types of emigrants and even different discourses, narrations. The key factors, social problems and the very feeling of the ethnic discrimination share certain part in influencing emigration.

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