The paper deals with the close relationship between sport, socialization and formal education focusing both on positive and negative funtions of sport activities illustrated with the case of football as organized social rite. The author also presents interesting element revealing the social function of the mediated football: the soccer is suitable to represent and stenghten the central cultural values and norms of (post)modern sociey – cooperation, succes, attitudes toward rules, the experience of winning and loosing.

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It is easy to understand why do we have to deal with the social integration of the teachers if we understand that the teachers participate in the education with the full extent of their personality. We examine the teacher's initial expectation as well as the experiences they have gathered in the years after their migration. My thesis is an exploratory work: it shows the evolution of the teachers' carriers, the reasons of their migration, the choices that the teachers have made as well as their integration into the new society and the new educational system. In my thesis I use the multi-disciplinary approach to research. As the statistical numbers of teacher migration has not be published, it would be difficult to estimate the size of the group. For this reason I did not intend to use quantitative methods in my work.

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The attraction area of the higher education centres of Transylvania has not been established yet with empirical research methods. Târgu Mureş is a major center of higher education. The town is the historical Székely Land's cultural center for centuries. Founded in 2001, as an independent higher education institution in Romania, the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania was created with the support of Hungarian Government and it is functioning in three different towns: Miercurea Ciuc, Târgu Mureş and Cluj Napoca. In Târgu Mureş 11 training programs are available at the Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences. These training programs are in Hungarian and promote the professional training in the region. In this paper is presented the dynamic analysis of attraction area of higher education institution for the period 2001-2013.

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The present writing wish to emphasize the importance of the health education among elementary-school children. After a short Hungarian and Romanian historical introduction we analyse the present situation in Romania. In our analyse we are presenting a two county-wide own research which includes 704 elementary school classes. We were curious to fi nd out the proportion of the children who are involved in health education during their four year studies at the elementary level. We also tried to highlight the effect of the material lack in the native language.

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The paper analyzes the Romanian-Hungarian families and young people's reasons in opting for Romanian language educational institution. This phenomenon is widely given some significant fact the most of Hungarian minority children habit to attend Hungarian school. The study is based on interviews and focus-group interviews.

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