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The starting point was the exploration of the value structure of students attending higher education. The questionnaire based on the questions of the World Values Survey was questioned twice. In both cases the main population was students attending higher education in the Partium region, therefore both a local sub-sample and a sample beyond borders was available for us. During the research we defined the „value groups” of students, and we explored the „value structure” of students. During the analysis many dilemmas were arising, which were the obstacles of the questionnaire method. We decided to try to continue the research with some other methods, as well.

The results of the questionnaires required correction at many points. The content of some values or value groups, and their relation to each other requires further exposition. With the definition of values, and with the deeper exploration of their hierarchy we get more data for supporting the results of the value study, therefore we can have a better understanding of the values of students in higher education.

Beyond the numbers the real differences were revealed during the interviews. While in the local interviews we could observe individualistic approach, the samples beyond borders often referred to a closer or wider community – the value explanations of the students were less particular. So we can also amend the results of the questionnaires in this case. When checking quantitative data, crossborder students proved to be more „material”. However, the interviews show that beyond considering material goods as valuable assets, it is not only their own security and development which are floating in their eyes, but also the security and financial security of their narrower community. A more collective approach was also demonstrated when discussing the value of „native land and the protection of the nation”, cross-border students had a less individualistic attitude, and their wider environment appeared behind this value.

Keywords: value study, qualitative method, comparative study

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