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This study deals with aggression in schools and particularly aggression between students. The first part deals with the causes of aggression and the manifestation of symptoms. The study highlights psychological and educational policies and principles, which can assist educators in treating aggressive behaviours.

The psychological/mental health interventions can take two forms: prevention and correction. In the realm of prevention programs, we examine the Danish program. Within the corrective programs we identify four effective methods: Conflict Management Series; Behavioural Consultation; Arizona Training Program; and Mediation in Conflict Management.

Choosing the suitable method depends on a variety of other factors, such as the positive attitudes of schools, the appropriate subjective and objective conditions and the existence of adequate programs. Lastly, it is important to emphasize that a one-time use cannot be effective and that enduring results can only be achieved through long-term uses of such programs.

Keywords: Mobbing; Danish Preventative Program; Conflict Management Series; Behavioural Consultation; Arizona Training Program; Mediation in Conflict Management

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