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The present study is based on a questionnaire (N=465) carried out in the spring of 2015 in Érmellék, a Hungarian subregion in Romania. The aim of the exploratory research was to learn about the intentions for secondary education of minority and double minority Hungarian and Hungarian Roma primary school children, and to investigate the factors shaping their decision for further education. No previous research investigating correlations between the region’s social ecology, family background and sociocultural factors in the light of further education has been carried out in the area. The present study introduces the characteristics and intentions for further education of seventh and eighth grade Hungarian Roma children (N=85). The paper provides a closer understanding of the change of education level following primary education and the factors influencing intensions for this change. The empirical research sheds light on students’ school paths, which foreshadow their further education paths. The intended educational qualifications provide an outline of the job market situation and the attainable level of social status.

Keywords: Érmellék, double minority, Roma, factors influencing further education, intentions for further education, odds ratio in education

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