Although representative surveys haven't been made until now, it is highly probable that the growing number of art journals is inversely proportional with the number of their readers. In this introduction two surveys are confronted, realized by two critics from two different contexts. The first one is written by István Szabó and it presents the situation of the Hungarian theatre critics. The other research was made by the German theatre critic, Vasco Boenisch which shows that the critics have no self reflection when speaking about their work. He presents the expectations of the readers and confronts them with the ideas of the critic's. 

The German researcher points out that a new form of theatre critic is needed but the traditional critic cannot disappear because its informative and explanatory role is still very important. Vasco Boenish admits that the critics often have no idea about their readers' expectations. He confronts the vague ideas of the critics with the readers' needs and points out the contradictions. He concludes that the theater critic/review has to get a fresh form and maybe this framework already exists: the new wave of theatre critic can be created by the interactive on-line theatre communities.

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