The paper tries to reflect on the topic's actuality, to underline the background aspects of the children's social integrational difficulties and to raise arguments in favour of the need of the community prevention. Our starting point is that the upgrowing generation should be made able to carry a healthy way of life, to preserve their mental and physical health and to be able to develop their persoanlities. The situation is quite ready now for a shift of paradygmas and approaches in the field of prevention. From methodological point of view, the study was realised with the technique of quick analysis. In the analyzing part we took the steps of the PRECEDE modell, and all the steps have been matched with research datas. Our intention was to show, which needs the given community have been wounded, and what kind of activities could be planned in order to cure these wounds and defects. We would also like to demonstrate the results that can be expected when applying planned community prevention.

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